Enable/Disable Windows 7 Secure Logon Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE

                As I heard there are lot of people who don't have a clear idea of changing windows 7 log on screen, So, Here is the way that can be used to change  LOG ON Screen in five Seconds.

There are number of ways we can proceed - (First Option)

01. First open start menu and type "netplwiz" in Search box (or use Ctrl+R and type "netplwiz") and press Enter

02. Click Advanced tab (see the picture)

03. To Enable Secure log on Check the option Selected ( Require users to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete )

04. To Disable Secure Log on Unchecked the option selected ( Require users to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete)

if this will not help, just follow the second option

Using Local Security Policy - (
Second Option )

01. Open the "Local Security Policy" editor (Type "secpol.msc" and enter) or Strat -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Local Security Policy

02. when you open Local Security Policies window you can change them as you need
03. In the Left pane Expand "Local Policies" and Click "Security Options"

04.In the right pane, right click on "Interactive Logon: Do not required CTRL+ALT+DEL" and click on Properties

05.To Enable Secure Log On select Disable and Press Apply OK

06. To Disable Secure Log On select Enable and Press Apply OK

Close your windows and check Windows Log on Screen .....................

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